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Can Dairy Products Cause Acne And Breakouts?

Can Dairy Products Cause Acne And Breakouts?

It is no news that your diet has a direct impact on your skin's health. Loading up on antioxidants can help you have a glowing complexion. And similarly, reducing your sugary and fat content can help maintain that complexion. 

One of the most debated food products that have been associated with acne is- Dairy Products. So, if you are also thinking that dairy is to blame for your acne breakouts, then you might be onto something. 

Acne And Breakouts

However, if you are thinking about eliminating all dairy products from your diet, then wait! There is still so much to learn about the connection between dairy products and skin health.

Let's learn how dairy products affect your skin!

Milk and Acne

Milk and Acne


The way dairy affects your health in your childhood differs from the way it affects when you are an adult. As children, our digestive systems are designed to secrete enzymes that digest milk, but our ability to digest milk reduces as we grow up. This is why most people grow up to be lactose intolerant, as it tends to give digestive issues, flatulence, and skin issues like acne, breakouts, inflammation, and so much more. 

The hormones in the milk you consume can react with the testosterone in your body. This increases the production of sebum, the oily substance that clogs the pores, in your skin. And as milk can promote inflammation, this makes your breakouts even worse. 

According to the research by American Academy of Dermatology 

Cow's milk may lead to acne breakouts: While cow's milk (but not milkshakes) is a low-glycemic beverage, some studies suggest that drinking this type of milk may be linked to an increase in acne breakouts. In these studies, all types of cow's milk (whole, low-fat, and skim) have been linked to acne. 

Why cow's milk may increase or worsen acne is still a bit of a mystery. One theory is that some of the hormones in milk cause inflammation inside the body. Inflammation can clog your pores, leading to acne. However, more research is needed to know for sure.

Yogurt and Acne

Yogurt and Acne

While milk is directly associated with acne breakouts, there is no evidence supporting yogurt can cause acne. The probiotics found in yogurt can in fact help control your acne breakouts. Researchers aren't sure why yogurt helps in controlling acne, but it may be because probiotics are known to calm inflammation.

Cheese and Acne

Cheese and Acne


There is still a mystery surrounding cheese's effect on acne. Hard cheese does have less lactose than milk, making it a better option for those with trouble digesting dairy. However, there is no evidence to suggest that lactose content plays a role in acne breakouts. More research is required to determine why cheese seems safer. 

If your acne breakouts are consistent after you eat heavy dairy foods, then it might be worth cutting off from your diet to see how your skin reacts. Sometimes, it takes a month or longer to see any kind of change on your skin. 

But if you find it difficult to completely cut all dairy from your diet, then you can go for a more gradual approach. Start by substituting cow's milk with almond or soy milk. If even then the breakouts persist, you can try cutting out other dairy products to see if it makes more difference. 

Removing dairy from your diet usually is not enough to cure acne or breakouts, but it may help reduce them. Other factors like genetics, your skin type, sleep cycle, lifestyle, stress, and eating habits can impact the overall health of your skin. 

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