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Awarded as the Best Personalised D2C Brand 2022

Advanced Skincare Backed by Science

Our research in slovenia threw some light on the demands of instant, easy and effective anti-aging solutions; since then we dedicated ourselves in developing innovative blends that truly transform skin.


Our formulas have been developed in the world-renowned skincare laboratory in Slovenia by a team of first-rate scientists known for their unparalleled research and development in the field of cellular science.


We at Taevas Life Sciences developed and utilized innovative techniques to produce fresh cellular extracts while keeping the cells alive to deliver singular anti-aging solutions. With our advanced delivery system and sophisticated peptide generation technologies, Slova is emerging into a premier, cutting edge skincare line that fights effectively against all the signs of aging!

If it’s not good for us

It’s not good for you!

Our passion for quality goes hand-in-hand with a constant support to our customers. Tailored service is the cornerstone of our company and we made it our mission to provide steadfast customer support whether you’re a new window shopper or a longtime customer. Our powerful, stable solutions are prepared in small batches to ensure peak freshness and potency when they arrive at your door.
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