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Holi Skincare Tips: How To Protect Your Skin From Color Damage!

Holi Skincare Tips: How To Protect Your Skin From Color Damage!

While traditionally Holi was celebrated with dry gulal and buckets of water, unfortunately, today it comes with synthetic pigments: copper sulfate (green), lead oxide (black), and mercury sulfide (red). All these chemical mixed synthetic colors are harmful to our skin and can give an invitation to skin allergies and adverse skin conditions. 

Holi Skin Care Tips

If you are looking to play Holi without worrying extremely about your skin, the 'A little precaution can go a long way’. Here are some tips to make the most of the colorful festival without having to worry about your skin’s health. 

Pre-Holi Skin Care Tips:

Pre Holi Skin Care Tips

One of the most important things during the Holi celebration is to prep the skin to handle the harsh effects of colors it may have on it. The idea is to minimize skin damage. Here are your pre-Holi skin care tips:

Ice cubes are super helpful

Before heading out to play Holi, rub ice cubes all over your face for 10 minutes. This will help close the pores of your skin and will prevent the harmful colors from penetrating through and causing breakouts and skin damage. 

Hydrate your skin

Keeping your skin hydrated is one of the most crucial steps. Either apply a hydrating moisturizer, cream, or oil all over your face and body. This step also helps to build a barrier between the skin and the chemicals and will prevent them from penetrating the skin. 

Sunscreen is a must

Since you'll be playing with colors outdoors, you will be exposed to the sun for a longer time. To ensure the safety of your skin from the sun's harmful rays, make sure to wear sunscreen. Use a sunblock that is 30+ SPF. The thicker the sunscreen, the better. Waterproof or water-resistant sunscreen is great. Carry the sunscreen with you and keep reapplying it every 2-3 hours. 

Post-Holi Skin Care Tips:

Post-Holi Skin Care Tips

As much as pre-Holi skin care is important, post-Holi skin care is critically important too. To heal your skin from the after-damage requires so much care. Here are post-Holi skin care tips: 

Avoid certain ingredients 

For a few days after Holi, the skin remains sensitive. Therefore it is recommended to give your skin a break from your regular skincare routine.

Avoid alcohol-based cleansers, toners, any other skincare product with artificial colors and fragrances. As these can sensitize the skin which can lead to skin reactions. Avoid retinol-based serums, masks, and other exfoliating serums until the skin is free from sensitivity. 

Opt for oil-based cleansers

As much as deep cleansing is required after Holi, it is crucial that you don't over-exfoliate the skin. Skip the skin exfoliation process to remove the color stains as your skin is already sensitive. So, don't scrub off too much, instead use an oil cleanser and follow it with a moisturizer. If you still feel that your skin is irritated, calm it down with a soothing face mist or serum. 

Be careful while showering

Stepping directly into the shower after playing Holi seems reasonable but it is one of the biggest mistakes. Before heading to shower, take coconut oil and apply it all over your body. Since most colors are fat-soluble, coconut oil will help to loosen the color off your skin. Then wipe it off with a dry cloth and then take a shower with cold or warm water only. Also, make sure to use only gentle products including shampoo or body wash. 

Use a mild moisturizer

Before going to bed at night make sure you apply a mild moisturizer. The harsh colors tend to take away the moisture off your skin, leaving it dry and dehydrated. A mild and hydrating moisturizer will ensure to make up for the lost moisture while you sleep. You can also try this intensely hydrating serum: REVIVE from Slova Cosmetics.

Holi Do’s and Don’ts - Skincare Tips

Holi Do’s and Don’ts - Skincare Tips

  1. To protect your body from the colors and sun, wear clothes that will cover most body parts
  2. Don't forget to apply petroleum jelly on your lips before the festival
  3. Apply two coats of nail polish on your nails to protect them from colors
  4. Try to use organic or herbal colors and avoid those with copper sulphate, lead oxide, and mercury sulphate.
  5. Avoid skin exfoliation 48 hours before and after Holi
  6. All the colors will eventually come off, so avoid excess scrubbing
  7. Avoid any skin and salon treatments like cleanups or facials for a couple of days before and after Holi
  8. Treat the dry skin that comes after the festival with an overnight hydrating mask
  9. Also, use hydrating eye and lip masks to soothe them
  10. Use very mild and gentle products on your skin before and after playing Holi
  11. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day

Stay safe! Happy Holi