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Monsoon Skincare Routine - To Deal with Monsoon Humidity

Monsoon Skincare Routine - To Deal with Monsoon Humidity

Biding goodbye to hot weather and heat strokes, monsoon is a fresh knock on the door of the chilly winds and drizzles of rain. Monsoon also is an invitation to humidity, oily skin, the feeling of greasiness, and other skin issues.  

The sudden transition from dry and hot weather to humid rains can cause the pores on your skin to become enlarged, clogged and which leads to acne breakouts.  

It becomes quite difficult to take care of your skin during monsoon, as the routine you followed during summer may not work for monsoon season.  

Let us help you with that with an effective monsoon skincare routine.  

Why do you need a monsoon skincare routine? 

During monsoon, the weather becomes humid, and our sebaceous glands tend to become overactive. They produce more sebum than usual, which causes the skin pores to get clogged and triggers acne flare-ups and inflammation.  

In some cases, excess production of sebum can cause the skin to dry out, become itchy, and irritated. So, it is quite important to follow a monsoon skincare routine that will help you when the weather is too humid.  

Monsoon Skincare Routine 

First things first- Cleansing 

Use a soap-free cleanser, that will not strip the natural oils off your skin. These cleansers are gentle on the skin, they get rid of dirt and oil without making your skin dry. At night, use double cleansing: first with an oil-based cleanser, and then with a foaming face wash. This will ensure that the day's dirt, grime, and makeup are thoroughly removed.  

Also, remember not to over wash your face, even if it feels oily. Over washing will lead to excess sebum production, clogged pores, and breakouts. It is recommended to wash your face only 2-3 times a day. 

Don't forget to exfoliate 

Include exfoliation twice a week in your routine, as it will get rid of dead skin cells and gives your skin a healthy glow. Exfoliating also increases blood circulation in your skin and helps flush toxins out. When your skin is free from dead skin cells, and pores are clean, your skin care product will get absorbed better and clean pores meaning less chance of acne flare-ups.  

Serum or Treatment for your skin concern 

Address your specific skin concerns by using a serum or your treatment product. Adding a serum will boost your skincare routine and help you in correcting the skin concern you are dealing with. Remember to apply your facial serum before moisturizer so as to give a potent boost of these highly concentrated formulations directly to your skin.  

Tone it up 

Right after cleaning, using a toner is a must, as it refreshes the skin and shrinks the pores. It prevents any monsoon breakouts and lets your skin breathe. Choose a toner that is natural and alcohol-free, these will help maintain the pH balance of your skin.  

Yes! You still need a moisturizer 

You might think that you don't need any moisturizer since it is humid, and your skin is already feeling oily. However, what if we tell you that your skin is losing its natural oil. It is important to keep your skin dry yet moisturized during monsoon. So, choose a light water-based moisturizer that will nourish your skin without making it oily.  

Do not skip sunscreen 

If you think that sunscreen is required only during summers, then you are wrong. Sunblock with SPF 30 or greater, should be your staple irrespective of the season. Apply SPF, even when it is rainy outside because the sun's UVA and UVB rays can still cause damage to your skin. For oily skin, look for gel-based and non-comedogenic sunscreens. However, if you do not want to add another layer, use a moisturizer with SPF in it.  

Go easy on the makeup 

Use makeup products with light-weight formulations as using heavy ones will clog your pores to invite breakouts. Use CC creams instead of foundations and concealers and use tinted lip balms instead of lipsticks. Remember to always wipe clean your makeup before going to bed.  

Summing up 

Remember to keep hydrating yourself and nourish your body from the inside to make your skin healthy and radiant from the outside. What goes into skin reflects on our skin, which means that glowing and healthy skin reflects good health and good eating habits. So, use the right skincare products according to your skin type, drink enough water, and make your diet anti-oxidant rich.  

Last but not the least, be consistent with your monsoon skincare routine as it is going to benefit you in the long run.