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Plant Stem Cells: A Revolution In Anti-Aging Skincare

Plant Stem Cells: A Revolution In Anti-Aging Skincare

Skincare backed with nature, science, and technology is changing our perspective as a consumer about what we want to put on our skin. What if we tell you that 'plant stem cells', something which is an infusion of 'nature, science, and technology' is something of great demand in the skincare industry! 

Although the name "Plant stem cells" might sound off-putting, we assure you there's nothing taboo about plant stem cells. As the name suggests, they are nature-derived ingredients that are a beneficial part of skincare and something of great importance that you should start paying attention to when it comes to your anti-aging skincare routine. 

To put it in simple words, using skincare products that contain plant stem cells can help your skin look younger by fighting off wrinkles and fine lines, offering protection against sun damage and inflammation. 

What are Plant stem cells?

"Plant stem cells (PSCs) are the source of a number of factors supporting the skin protection and regeneration processes and thereby inhibit skin ageing. The first reports about the possibility of using stem cells derived from plants in cosmetic products appeared in 2008."

From what plants can stem cells be derived?

There is a long list of plants from which stem cells can be derived, but here are two of the most common plant stem cells found in natural skincare products:

Argan stem cells: Argan stem cells are well known for their anti-aging properties. They are regenerative in nature and they work to strengthen the skin's elasticity. 

Argan stem cells

Few of the many benefits of argan stem cells on the skin: 

  • Increases human dermal stem cell activity and protects and vitalizes them.
  • Improves skin density in the upper dermis
  • Anti-wrinkle effect in crow’s feet
  • Tightening of the connective tissue
  • Reduces wrinkles and other aging signs up to 26 %
  • Tightens and tones skin tissue
  • Increases skin firmness and density
  • Deep-seated rejuvenation of the skin

Apple stem cells: Stem cells derived from apples (the breed of the Swiss-grown Uttwiler Spätlauber apples) are rich in protein and phytonutrients. PhytoCellTec (apple stem cell extract) is currently referred to as ‘The Fountain of Youth’.

Apple stem cells

Apple stem cells offer a great extent of benefits on the skin:

  • Increase in skin stem cell longevity and vitality
  • Repairs damaged tissues and organs
  • Activates skin stem cell regeneration
  • Protects human stem cells against UV light-induced death
  • Combats chronological and genetic aging and deep wrinkles
  • The topical application of plant stem cells infused products reduces the depth of crow’s feet and other aging signs after only two weeks of application
  • Targets premature signs of aging
  • Reverses damage due to environmental factors

Table: Clinical trials of plant stem cells extracts on skin regeneration

Stem cells source Participants Application Results
Apple (Malus domestica) — clinical trial (Schmid et al. 2008; Schmid 2009) 20 women age: 37–64 years cream with 2 % cell extract; two times a day for 4 weeks — significant reduction of wrinkles by 8% and 15 % after 2 and 4 weeks respectively
Argan (Argania spinosa) — clinical trial (Montaño 2012) 21 women age: 39–61 years emulsion with 0,4 % cell extract; two times a day for 56 days — reduction of wrinkles by 19 % and 27 % after 28 and 56 days respectively. — increase in skin density of 12.7 % after 8 weeks
Samphire (Crithmum maritimum)— comparative intra- -individual, controlled, randomized pilot study (Caucanas et al. 2011) 12 volunteers age: older than 50 years  — cream with 0.05 % cell extract, — cosmetic serum with 0,1 % cell extract, — silicone oil with 0,5 % cell extract

once a day for 2 weeks, observations for another 2 weeks 
— improvement of skin permeability barrier function by: significant decreases in transepidermal water loss (TEWL), between day 16 and 29; smoothing of the skin between day 15 and 29; significant skin moisturization at day 29 compared to day 1
— no adverse events were observed

Table source: Plant stem cells culture — a new tool for skin protection and regeneration

What are some effective products with plant stem cells?

REVIVE serum from Slova cosmetics: Made with innovative Argan Plant Stem Cells technology, REVIVE, when applied regularly, protects & restores healthy & young-looking skin. 

REVIVE serum from Slova cosmetics

RENEW mask by Slova Cosmetics: Formulated with the innovative PhytoCelltecTM technology, RENEW aids in achieving a younger and healthier look.

RENEW mask by Slova Cosmetics

With consumers buying more 'natural' products, plant stem cell derivatives in skincare products are revolutionising how we see and use anti-aging products. At this time, plant stem cells in skincare promises to be the most promising field with human stem cells in skincare coming to the trend shortly.