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Single Dose Skincare: Effective Capsules Beauty Trend

Single Dose Skincare: Effective Capsules Beauty Trend
When it comes to the serum skincare regime, people are often confused about how much of the serum they should use! But with the new and active 'Single-dose skincare', it has now become easy to apply serums directly to the face in an optimal and sufficient amount. But you might be wondering what is this? Well, let's talk about it in detail. 

What is Single-dose Skincare?

You must be familiar with beauty capsules that are trending in the market. Well, seems like there is more to those capsules than just a marketing gimmick. Single-dose skincare are pill-like capsules, but you don't have to ingest them, rather they are full of serum that you break open and apply directly to your face. This new beauty regime is inspired by Korea and these capsules are far more hygienic than your regular serums or creams and are a more potent way to use skincare actives.

The serum inside the capsules is not exposed to bacteria, sunlight, and air until their actual use, making it an optimal skincare routine. As when the ingredients are exposed to sunlight, they can swiftly lose their potency. But capsules provide a safe house for them. Dermatologist Evan Rieder says "Capsules prevent light from degrading the potency of ingredients such as antioxidants and retinol". 

How do capsules work?

How do capsules work

Capsules are full of serum that you can break open and apply directly to your face. This delivery system dispenses the exact amount of product (serum) you need. Isn't it amazing? And all with a twist and squeeze while taking up almost no space on your cosmetic shelf. 

These superactive capsules are hygienic and an effective way to deliver potent ingredients to the skin. "These individual doses are beneficial as they help to keep ingredients stabilized, potent, and fresher than the last drop of a bottle would be," explains Marnie Nussbaum, MD, a dermatologist in New York City.

Product recommendation from Slova Cosmetics:

Slova Cosmetics has a line of beauty products that are effective in minimizing aging effects on the skin. Check out the capsule products from Slova. 

People living in crowded areas or in high-stress jobs are likely to see differences in their skin. Their skin is more prone to dullness, wrinkles, and dark circles. That is where HYDRATE and LIFT come into the picture. And the magic these two capsules do on the skin will immediately pique your interest.

HYDRATE: "By harnessing the powers of Hyaluronic Acid & Pollustop, these new-gen wrinkle reduction capsules work against skin wrinkles, fine lines, by hydrating the inner layers of skin. When applied, HYDRATE forms a protective layer on the skin surface to shield it from UV rays, atmospheric & domestic pollution."
Hydrate is an anti-aging serum that when applied regularly can help you in the long run. 

Hydrate is an anti-aging serum

LIFT: "Capsule-based, innovative skin-firming formula, that reduces wrinkles from the first use. Enriched with actives like Hyaluronic Acid & RonaFlair & Gatuline, LIFT fills up the fine lines on the skin that delivers a super hydrated & wrinkle-free look."

LIFT works best for those seeking wrinkle-free and moisturized skin. 
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