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This Diwali, we want to talk to our beloved shoppers who will yet again be bombarded with near infinite Diwali Sale Campaigns by all kinds of brands, ranging from skincare to makeup to furniture to electronics etc. You know it! A time of cheerful festivity, fun & restful banter with family, and a time to reflect on the beauty of feeling connected to our community through one of the most important festivals like DIWALI, is sadly turned into a SALE CAMPAIGN by every single brand out there; vying for eyeballs to sell their products.

SLOVA is here to let you know that as a knowledgeable consumer & a mature audience in today’s world, nobody (we mean brands) should tell you what you need just because it is Diwali. With our NOT A DIWALI SALE!, we want to converse with our lovely skin-care enthusiasts such as you, about some themes that we hold very close to our heart at SLOVA and that form the ethos of SLOVA as a skincare provider.


We all know skincare is a form of self-love. At SLOVA, we believe every day is skin-care day! And the power is in your hands. Through these gimmicky sale campaigns by everyman brands, we don’t want our dear skincare enthusiasts to fall in the trap of consumerism. All of us have been so eager to try this and that - a new skincare trend, a new product at a discounted price, a new freebie that will give us flawless skin - wanting to see if the products can ‘change’ our skin.

This feeling is amplified when we see lucrative sale offers by every single brand out there and we start to hoard products. Some of them tend to expire even before we get to use the best of it. Besides wasting our money, this practice is leaving waste too. Even worse, it gives a feeling that we have done the best for our skin, while not really giving us any practical & long term results.

SLOVA is here to reaffirm that ‘You do You’ and that you definitely don’t need a Diwali Campaign to tell you to buy more products for your health & wellness. Every day is self-care & self-love day. Every day is a new ray of hope to be better than yesterday, and at SLOVA, every day is spent to have the most important conversations with our community to let them bloom to their healthiest, supplest skin!

Everyday Selfcareday - Slova



At SLOVA, at the core of things we want to simplify and uncomplicate skincare. With retail therapy now slowly becoming retail apocalypse, we see more and more products being sold to our audiences. But do we really need every. single. one. of those expensive impulse purchases? It is imperative that we ask ourselves some relevant questions when it comes to following extensive 100+ step skincare routines. While taking care of your skin is certainly a positive development, all of this skin-care frenzy is not without its downsides. Dermatologists, aestheticians and skin care clinics report seeing more patients who are doing the most with their skin-care regimens yet are experiencing new problems such as acne and irritation.

Less is More

All of us have been there at some or the other time and wondered “how am I mothering 3 different facewashes and 4 different retinol serums at the same time?” Truth be told, we all know “less-is-more” when it comes to skincare but have largely not been able to reconcile with this principle. Why? It’s because of rising consumerism patterns in the world of beauty, health & wellness and brands that simply catch us at the point of sale, all while targeting the worst of our skincare nightmares, fears & vulnerabilities.


What is Skinimalism?

Skinimalism is all about, well, minimalism in your beauty and makeup routines, and is built upon a “less-is-more ethos” that produces results that are just as good as (or even better than) an extensive regimen. The result? A simplified version that'll save you time, money, and unnecessary trial and error — all while being more friendly to the planet. Less product, less packaging, less waste. What's more, at the heart of skinimalism is an emphasis on banishing beauty ideals and the idea of "covering up" or "fixing flaws".

Skinimalism encourages you to go #unfiltered and embrace the real, beautiful you. And at SLOVA, we do exactly the same to only consume just as we need. This Diwali, we have vowed to break the clutter of gimmicky campaigns and lustrous ads, only to have some real conversations with our beloved community! 


So how do we adapt Skinimalism?

You don't have to toss out every single beauty buy in your repertoire. Rather than giving up all of your products and makeup, skinimalism is about focusing on the products that can benefit your skin and not necessarily hiding every imperfection. What SLOVA tries to do is streamline your skincare regimens and help you discover clean & multi-corrective products with powerful ingredients. At the end of the day, adopting skinimalism means becoming a mindful consumer. Conscious choices for a sustainable future.