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DermCom: Cell-To-Cell Communication For Skin Matrix Repair

DermCom: Cell-To-Cell Communication For Skin Matrix Repair

According to Mibelle AG Biochemistry (which specializes in researching and producing high-quality active ingredients for the Personal Care and Cosmetics industry), "DermCom is based on a Crocus chrysanthus bulb extract and is able to reverse the aging process by stimulating the communication between skin cells."

The best of science and nature, DermCom improves the communication between the skin cells (a key process in skin repair and rejuvenation). 

DermCom induces the secretion of growth factors in keratinocytes that enhance the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the dermis. Therefore, thanks to its growth factor-like activity, it can rejuvenate the skin matrix.

This boost in keratinocytes leads to a stronger barrier layer, which reduces the risk of damage to the existing collagen and elastin (proteins) that keep skin looking supple, elastic, and plump. The increase in protective cells also helps stimulate new collagen and elastin in the skin, improving the firmness and elasticity of the skin (after two weeks of application). 

Plant Source

Plant Source


DermCom is derived from the crocus plant, one of the first plants to bloom in spring, making it a symbol of rejuvenation and youthfulness after a long winter. Bulbs (or “corms”) are parts of the plant that specialize in storing nutrients used to generate a new plant after a low-temperature induced dormancy period.

Benefits of DermCom:

Benefits of DermCom
  • Boosts collagen and elastin production
  • Stimulates natural growth factors of the skin
  • Renews the skin’s resilience and firmness
  • Reverses aging process
  • Rejuvenates skin texture
  • Reduces stretch marks
  • Gives anti-wrinkle effects

Applications of DermCom:

  • Collagen and elastin boosters
  • Skin firming and lifting products
  • Skin repair formulas
  • Stretch mark creams
  • Intense anti-aging treatments

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REVIVE by Slova Cosmetics: Slova REVIVE is formulated with Plant Stem Cells that protect the skin from environmental aggressors and inhibits photoaging. While omega fatty acids in plant stem cells promote firmness and elasticity, DermCom repair skin and boost collagen production for a healthier-looking complexion.