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All About Dehydrated Skin And How To Overcome It

All About Dehydrated Skin And How To Overcome It

If bouncy, glowing, and hydrated skin is the goal, why do many people suffer from dull, drier, or oily skin conditions? When it comes to skincare, one should know his or her skin type and act or use products accordingly. Let’s talk about dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skin means depletion of water. When skin doesn’t have enough water to maintain the glow of the skin, it produces extra oil which can lead to combination skin that shows signs of being both dry (rough patches), and oily (a greasy T-zone). Typically a dehydrated skin is characterized by dullness, tightness, and fine lines. People often confuse dehydrated skin with dry skin, but truth be told, there are major differences between the two. 

Understanding the skin type: dehydrated or dry

Understanding the skin type - dehydrated or dry


Though the words dry and dehydrated are often used interchangeably, there is quite a difference between the two. Dehydrated skin lacks water, but dry skin lacks natural face oil (sebum). Fran Cook-Bolden, M.D., FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist explained the best: “Dehydration is a skin condition that can happen to anyone, and dry skin is a specific skin type that you’re likely born with.”

Symptoms of dehydrated skin

  • Itchiness
  • Dullness
  • Dark circles
  • Sunken eyes
  • Shadows under eyes and around the nose
  • Appearances of fine lines and wrinkles

All possible causes of dehydrated skin

  • Outdoor environment
  • Humidity
  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Limiting water intake
  • Hot baths and showers
  • Air conditioning
  • Harsh chemical usage on skin
  • Poor diet
  • No proper sleep

How to treat dehydrated skin

How to treat dehydrated skin

Home treatment

  1. Apply coconut oil: Apply coconut oil on your face before going to bed. The next morning, wash it off with lukewarm water. You can also apply coconut liberally after taking a bath.
  2. Honey mask: Before taking a shower, rub honey on your skin and keep it for 5-10 minutes. Wash it off when you shower.
  3. Yogurt remedy: Yogurt contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe dry, cracked, and itchy skin which comes with dehydrated skin. The lactic acid in yogurt can also help in removing bacteria and germs. Apply plain yogurt on your face and let it sit for some time, wash with lukewarm water. Or you can also mix and mash some DIY yogurt masks.
  4. Milk magic: Milk is ideal for ridding itchy and dehydrated skin. Apply raw milk to your face and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then wash it off with lukewarm water. Milk also helps in lightening skin. 
  5. Aloe Vera gel: Apply aloe vera can suit both dry and dehydrated skin. Apply fresh aloe vera gel on your skin, let it dry for 10 minutes then wash it off with lukewarm water. 
  6. Petroleum jelly: Also known as mineral oil, petroleum jelly works best as a moisturizer. It's one of the earliest known remedies for dehydrated skin. Apply petroleum jelly before going to bed and then wash it off in the morning.

Exercises/ Medical Treatment:  Well, there are no certain exercises or specific medical treatments to treat dehydrated skin. But you can carry off numerous things to make sure you don’t suffer from it. Like, having a proper diet and exercises regularly, avoiding smoking and drinking, and drinking plenty of water. The best thing to do is to apply a moisturizer to lock in hydration. 

Based on the severity of dehydration on your skin. You can go with home remedies or if itchiness and dullness are still persistent then it is always advised to consult a dermatologist.

Some recommended products

ELEVATE: ELEVATE by Slova Cosmetics is your one-stop solution for treating dehydrated skin. Made from Hyaluronic acid and red algae extracts, this serum work wonders in treating dehydrated skin. It hydrates dull-looking skin and also locks in moisture to promote hydrated skin for a longer period.


HYDRATE: HYDRATE by Slova Cosmetics can help you in treating dehydrated skin. This capsule-based product harnesses the power of hyaluronic acid and Pollustop. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


LIFT: LIFT by Slova Cosmetics also has hyaluronic acid as one of its active ingredients. Lift, a capsule-based formula delivers super hydrated skin. It also gives visibly smooth scar-free skin.


REFRESH: REFRESH by Slova Cosmetics has caviar, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E as its active ingredients. This cream-based formula instantly works on dehydrated skin to replenish a protective barrier that locks in moisture on the skin.