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How To Pollution Proof Your Skin with The Help of Pollustop®

How To Pollution Proof Your Skin with The Help of Pollustop®

Pollution is everywhere: from domestic, atmospheric, and UV source, outdoor and indoor. It is invisible, sneaky, and always ready to attack skin and hair!

For a long time, pollution has been considered simply as dirt or dust that can be removed easily just by cleansing. But lately, it has become the number one enemy affecting overall health and beauty.

How does pollution affect our skin?

The outermost layer of our epidermis (skin) is the stratum corneum, which plays the role of a protective barrier between the body and its surrounding environment. Prolonged and repetitive exposure to high levels of pollutants overwhelms the skin's natural defense mechanism, causing this barrier to weaken and be susceptible to damage.

Apart from the damage caused by UV light, atmospheric pollutants in our daily environment must also be considered a major source of skin stressors. Over the past few years, increased urbanization and lifestyle changes have amplified the issue of pollution damage to the skin. Skin cells: the lipid, protein components, and DNA are majorly targeted by pollutants. They generate oxidation and inflammation that can lead to premature aging, acne breakouts, sensitive and irritable skin, eczema, dry skin, atopic dermatitis, redness, and itching. 

How to protect your skin from pollutants?

How deeply pollutants are absorbed in the skin depends on the condition of the outer epidermis of your skin and the nature of the pollutant. But, it is possible to increase the skin's protective ability by providing a shield that acts as a second skin to keep the pollutants from being absorbed into the skin, thus reducing the damage they cause. 

To prevent skin damage we recommend a revolutionary skincare ingredient that not only protects skin cells from sun damage and other atmospheric pollution but also acts against UV damage and suntan: Pollustop®

What is Pollustop®?

In scientific terms, "It is a deacetylated, branched polysaccharide with a high molecular weight, which forms a non-occlusive film on the skin and hair."

It builds a protective barrier against all the types of pollution that our daily environment consists of atmospheric pollution (carbon and heavy metal particles and fine particles) and domestic pollution (chemical substances in personal care and household cleaning products). 

The protection offered by Pollustop® is physical and immediate. It is designed to prevent the appearance of premature aging tied to pollution. It also acts against UV damage and decreases the formation of sunburn cells. 

Recommended Product

Slova's HYDRATE is the perfect go-to serum when you are dealing with pollution and other environmental stressors. HYDRATE: an intense hydrating hyaluronic acid serum capsules help achieve plumper, firmer and hydrated skin and also shields it from environmental stressors.

HYDRATE serum capsules, with hyaluronic acid, Pollustop®, and Myristoyl pentapeptide-8, fights against dehydrated skin and provide ample hydration to the inner layers of the skin. When applied, the serum forms a protective layer on the skin surface to shield it from UV rays, and atmospheric and domestic pollution. Myristoyl pentapeptide-8 targets wrinkles and fine lines, making skin plump and re-energized.